Alora Griffin Architect

       " We specialize in green passive solar builidng design." Alora S. Griffin, Architect AIBC, LEED AP.

Who We Are :

Founded in 2001, Alora S. Griffin is the principal of Alora Griffin Architect (AGA), a firm specializing in sustainable site, building and interior design.

Ms. Griffin's  interest in energy efficient design started in 1985 when she took a year off from her architectural studies at UBC to work for Energy, Mines & Resources Canada as a technical advisor, monitoring the R-2000 energy efficient residences in BC.

In 2009 Ms. Griffin became a LEED Accredited Professional with Canada Green Building Council for new construction and major renovations. She continues taking courses to stay abreast of innovations in the sustainable industry.

AGA is based in the beautiful Comox Valley on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, where we can purchase fresh produce directly from farmers and seafood directly from fishers. Ms. Griffin 'walks the talk', as she doesn't own a vehicle and relies on walking, biking and public transportation. 

Ms. Griffin works with other professionals, such as technologists and engineers to create a team unique to each project. The team is committed to designing sustainable and affordable buildings, which provide an energy efficient and healthy environment for owners and occupants.


What We  Prefer :

We specialize in green passive solar design to help counteract the grave consequences of our changing climate.  We have had extensive experience creating energy-efficient and healthy buildings. We also design buildings that can withstand the ravages of floods, fires and hurricanes. Basically, we design for disaster!

We prefer working on smaller projects,( well maybe not as small as a birdhouse ), so we can spend more time with our clients and less time on administration. Whether you are looking to start a new project  or  want to expand your house or business we can help you achieve your goals.

What We Do :  

We have extensive experience with the following building types: 


We specialize in sustainable designs for cottages, single family houses, float houses, lane houses as well as social housing. 

The house shown above was inspired by a vision of an eagle in flight, so the plan features 2 wings spreading out from the body of the house. 

The 3 foot wide overhang ensures the low winter sun penetrates the interior thus providing heat, while preventing the overhead sun from over-heating the house in the summer months.


Whether you need a new commercial building , an addition or a renovation of an existing building we can help.

Kondolas, a large new furniture store, was constructed on a corner lot in Terrace, so the entrance was designed to be visible from both streets. 

The main entry and windows face south-west to provide natural light at the entrance. The remainder of the building doesn't have any windows so the furniture doesn't fade from the sun.



Ms. Griffin is particularly interested in restoring heritage buildings. While living and working in Prince Rupert she worked with the Heritage Advisory Committee to research and publish a book of walking tours of the numerous heritage buildings in the city.

We work with owners to to upgrade the energy efficiency of the building while retaining the historical features. We will upgrade interior areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms, while keeping the original design.