Booth Bay House :

Salt Spring Island, B.C.

This 3000 square foot waterfront house was carefully sited to preserve most of the trees and natural beauty of the property. 

The house features natural materials including an indoor /outdoor fireplace constructed of local sandstone, slate and maple floors and maple cabinets with granite counters in the kitchen. 

The house is heated with passive solar and an air-source heat pump and cooled via the heat pump and operable clerestory windows.

Your Decor Store :

Terrace, B.C.

This major renovation of an existing 13,000 square foot industrial building in Terrace has enhanced a major street, which forms part of the highway. 

This was a ‘green’ renovation featuring energy efficient lights, a heat recovery unit, radiant floor heating, passive solar design, environmentally friendly materials and abundant natural light from the existing high clerestory windows.

Bicentennial Library : 

Fort Saint James, BC

Since Fort St. James is a forestry-based community, the library makes extensive use of wood, from the ‘tree’ columns supporting the entrance canopy, the ‘log’ columns supporting the mezzanine to the timber trusses supporting the roof.

To conserve energy a geothermal heat pump, energy efficient lighting and operable clerestory windows were incorporated into the design. The library was nominated for a Wood Works award in 2007.

 Floating Ranger Station :

Khutzeymateen Inlet, B.C.

The floating ranger station was commissioned by the Ministry of the Environment to accommodate Coast Tsimshian First Nations rangers and staff in a compact two-bedroom suite with a loft. It also has a small interpretive centre for visitors to learn about the grizzly bear reserve. 

This off-the-grid building features a metal roof and siding to protect the building from wind-driven rain. The exterior colour and wood columns were selected to blend in with the forest. The interior features environmentally friendly materials such as linoleum flooring and low VOC paints on interior walls.